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Blog - June 26

Community Circles.

We are all on a journey towards a transformed disability service. With any major change there are challenges but we have been encouraged by seeing the seeds of new ideas and small initiatives beginning.

One of these is Community Circles, developed by Options. This organisation has now begun to see the changes in the lives of people when they become more deeply connected to others in an unpaid and informal way.

For many disabled people loneliness and isolation are big issues. We are all so aware of the big difference between having a person who is paid and having a person who wants to be there because they like us and want to spend time with us. Many disabled peoples lives are very limited and constrained because there is not sufficient support of real inclusion and social opportunities in the community. The Community Circle’s initiative works in partnership with the disabled person and their family to build relationships which strengthen opportunities for an inclusive life, through building social and community participation.

Options have developed some simple resources and tools to held people understand and engage with the idea of a circle. I have put a link to two of these resources below so that you can better understand how a Community Circle works and what can be achieved.

Download "Supporting people to do more of what really matters to them" (PDF, 183 KB, 1 pages)

Download "What can people achieve through a Community Circle?" (PDF, 247 KB, 1 pages)

Below are a couple of small videos which Options developed outlining how the circle process works, how people are engaged and its impact on people’s lives.


View all the Community Circles videos on the Mana Whaikaha youtube channel (external website)